How To Learn & Memorize Songs And Solos On Guitar

Learning any song on the guitar and making it stick can always be a chore. You should understand that no matter your skill level on the guitar, this is always a challenge. However, there is an excellent system that facilitates memorization, and overall learning process that I would like to tell you about. The system […]

Practicing Guitar Like A Pro

The practice routine has always been on the minds of beginning to moderately advancing guitarists, and its always been a question of how should I practice, and how much should I practice? In this article I would like to help you establish what you need to do to meet your guitar goals. Although I can’t […]

Learn Rock Guitar

We all know those great rock songs very well. From the groovin’ drum beats, to the insane guitar solo, they are simply timeless. When it comes to studying a particular type of music, there are certain techniques, chords and scales that a guitarist will have to know in order to produce the right sound. Though […]

Studying Heavy Metal Guitar

Studying heavy metal guitar Heavy Metal is an amazing style of music, and requires a lot of refinement in a guitarist’s playing. In this article I’m going to talk about what you will need to study to get into this style of music. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you read my other […]

Studying Guitar Chords – The Best Method

I have heard over the years that there are as much as one million guitar chords that can be learned. It might even be two million. I think that one million might just be a slightly inaccurate number, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual calculation was close to that. There are still a […]

Guitar Hand Stretches

Warming up on the guitar before starting any practice routine, or jam session is very essential, and unfortunately a lot of guitarists don’t take the time to do this. A lot of guitarists simply jump into playing, because they are so anxious to create outstanding music, but believe me when I tell you that when […]

Musical Discipline For The Guitarist

One of my favorite topics that I am most passionate about is the universal connection between music. At first, most can’t distinguish it, but if you go in search of musical knowing – you will soon be able to hear all the similarities. It truly cracks me up just how limited in thinking some musicians […]

Beating The Limitations Of Speed

When it comes to training for guitar speed, there seems to be a breaking point. When I say breaking point, I mean that it can literally make or break you. I would like to label this breaking point as “the wall”, because a guitarist can make so much progress when training for speed, but then […]