Discovering What Your Hands Are Made Of

Guitar speed training – discovering what your hands are made of A funny way to jump into this article is to literally talk about what your hands are made of. Your hands consist of bones, joints, tissue, muscles, veins, nerve endings, and probably a lot more that we still don’t even know about. When you […]

What to study to learn Jazz guitar

Jazz guitar is quite an awesome, endless, and ever rewarding style of music. It doesn’t matter what your style of preference is, because I think that all guitarists should familiarize themselves with a little Jazz work here and there. There are two things that I found very rewarding about studying Jazz guitar. The knowledge of […]

Barre Chords For Guitar

Let’s face it, there are so many chords to be learned, and it would seem like so little time to learn them! I’ll combat that mindset by saying that there is a really great way to get crackin’ on an awesome set of guitar chords. If you have already learned some basic open guitar chords […]

Why A Guitarist Should Practice With A Metronome

Eventually there comes a time in a guitarist’s life when he or she decides that it is necessary to clean things up a bit. I have seen so many guitar players work with sloppy riffs and non-synchronized timings, until one day they make the “decision of precision”. 1. The decision of precision and why it […]

Why You Shouldn’t Practice Guitar Too Much

There is absolute truth in the fact that the more you practice, the better you will get at guitar, but there is a limit. A key problem with guitarists of all skill levels and ages, is that if they are genuinely enjoying playing guitar, they sometimes tend to push things too far. In my own […]

Learning Classical Guitar

As I have been currently providing an overview of ways to get started in specific styles music. In other words, I’ve been creating these sort of summaries of what a beginning guitar player should investigate in order to get started mastering a specific genre of music. This article is no different, except that today we […]

Mastering Vibrato On Guitar

A wise man once told me when I was younger, that playing guitar is all about the small things. Boy was that guy ever right. Too many guitarists in this day and age stress over accomplishing elaborate techniques, and yet even if you do master them, at the end of the day what is guitar […]

How To Improve Your Guitar Bends

I have mentioned before, just how important the smaller techniques in guitar playing are. In fact, I put more emphasis on these techniques than techniques like sweep picking, tapping, or legato. Accents are what really make a guitarist’s playing shine, yet we tend to not take these accents so seriously. It doesn’t surprise me one […]

Guitar Finger Picking Basics

The finger picking method of guitar playing is one of the most wonderful styles to tackle for any guitarist. So many genres can be played using this approach, and not just classical, yet the approach is typically the same. The key to learning how to do finger picking on the guitar, is to master the […]

Which Guitar Pick Should I use?

There are so many different styles and sizes of guitar picks, and of course so many different ways to use guitar picks, but some picks work better for certain jobs on the guitar. Let’s take a look at some of these. You have thin picks, medium picks, and heavy picks, and any one of these […]